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Kids Music Day - Sat, Oct 7
We are proudly participating in 2nd annual
"Kids Music Day" event with other music
educators nation wide.
Kids Music Day

Diploma of Recognition
for the extraordinary dedication and
achievement in the field of teaching music
Diploma of Recognition from ENKOR International Music Competition

Hawaii Kai Piano Studio
294A Kuliouou Rd. Honolulu, HI 96821

Kaimuki Piano Studio
1641 Palolo Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816




Learn to Play the Piano at Any Age
with Akiko Sanai in Honolulu Hawaii

Born and raised in Japan, Akiko Sanai began learning and playing the piano from the age of 6. She has studied piano performance with Paul Lyddon, a retired University of Hawaii Music Department Professor. She is a board member of Honolulu Piano Teachers Association and an active member of the Music Teachers National Association. Akiko began teaching piano in 2004 and has shared her knowledge of music for the past 11 years.

Akiko teaches from two studios conveniently located in Honolulu, one in Kaimuki and the other in Hawaii Kai. Each studio is equipped with a Grand Piano. Akiko's love of the piano has compelled her to invest in world renown pianos; her studios contain a Steinway, a Bosendorfer and a Samick Grand Piano. Akiko admits that it's a bit unusual for students to learn on the such expensive Grand Pianos but adds that the students enjoy them very much.

Two Honolulu piano studios
located in Kaimuki and Hawaii Kai

Her teaching philosophy is to help develop a student's music potential and talent. “Each student is unique and special to me” says Akiko. “It's not only their music potential we're trying to tap into - it's also helping people to live their lives fully. I believe studying piano and music in general will help to develop strong discipline skills, patience, coordination and dedication which help them to live a better life.”

Akiko performs throughout Honolulu and at her students recitals. She often collaborates with other musicians who play traditional Japanese instruments such as Koto, Shamisen or Shakuhachi. In addition to the piano, Akiko plays the traditional Japanese flute “Ryuteki” and is a Gagaku Society of Hawaii member.

Her students are encouraged to perform at recitals twice a year. Some of her students go on to perform at the state competition. Students are also encouraged to take the exam provided by Royal Conservatory Music Development Program.

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# Hayden's performance after taking lessons for 5 month.


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